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Why to Sell on

  • Expand online with no upfront or recurring cost
  • Your own branded online store & product listings
  • Millions of online shoppers can access your products
  • Secured and multiple online payment options
  • Effective, low cost, and scalable
  • Performance based pricing -- pay only when you sell
  • All the advantages of marketplace
  • Outstanding customer services by E-Commerce experts
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access to manage your online store


  • Register as a Merchant: To sell on sellanbuy you need to register and get verified as a seller. Click on the Merchant Registration link at the bottom of the home page. Fill up the given form and click on register. sellanbuy will verify you as a seller. You are now registered as a seller on sellanbuy.
  • Store Manager Login: Store Manager is our E-Commerce technology backend tool through which you can manage your entire online store such as, upload/edit your catalog, view orders, manage inventory and much more anytime from any device on the Internet. You will sent login details for the same.
  • Upload your product catalogue: You are now ready to list your product for sale. You can upload your product listing with our easy to use Store Manager too
    l. We recommend you keep the following details ready before uploading the listing. 1. Merchant Code - Your code number for the item
    2. Product Title - What is the product called?
    3. Image of the product - You can upload 1-3 photographs
    4. Product Description - Write in the key features of your product.
    5. MRP of the product
    6. The Selling Price of the product
    7. Keywords - put a list of keywords using which the product can show up in search results.
    8. Options - put up the list of options in which the product is available. E.g. If it is a shirt then various sizes and colors in which the shirt is available.
  • Should you need any assistance in uploading your catalogue you can contact us at sellandbuy will upload your catalogue on the site within 24 hours and inform you via phone and email. Please note that all listings will be screened and approved by sellandbuy before they are activated online.

  • Once a product is sold Sellandbuy will raise an order number and send order confirmation to the buyer and you.
  • You can view the orders real time through the Store Manager. Every day we also send an order summary report. The order summary report will also inform you of the time of product pick up from your warehouse. You would be expected to keep the products ready for pick up as per the orders received.
  • Bulk Purchase - Here is a unique tool to help you maximize volumes. Configure bulk purchase prices for any products, set prices for different quantities of the same product.
  • Your money, Sale price minus Sellandbuy service fees, will then be remitted to your bank account on or Before 10th of Every Month

General Policies and Rules

Sellandbuy policies and rules are the common guidelines that create a safe, trusted and fair trading environment for all members. To promote a safe and trusted trading environment, enforces these polices and rules.


User agreement. This is the most important Sellandbuy policy and rule document. All members are responsible for reviewing and understanding Sellandbuy policies and all applicable laws and regulations contained in this legal contract.


Rules for Everyone. General policies applying to all Sellandbuy members, Sellandbuy employees and This section includes rules that protect your privacy and your identity. Learn more about issues like the use of profanity, unsolicited email (spam) etc.


Prohibited and Restricted Items. There are many items that are restricted to sell online at, such as liquor, adult content/material, banned items such as ivory etc? Find out in our comprehensive list of banned and restricted items.


Keyword Spamming Policy. This policy is designed to restrict merchants not to abuse brand names as keywords in product listings to drive attention.


Links Policy – This policy is designed to restrict merchants to inappropriately add links in its product listings or online storefront to move traffic away from


Rules about Intellectual Property. has zero tolerance for any intellectual property violations. Please notify us in case any violation has occurred withour knowledge and we will take appropriate action as soon as possible. rules and policies are designed to:


• Minimize risks to both buyers and sellers
• Support government laws and regulations
• Provide equal opportunity to all buyers and seller
• Protect intellectual property rights
• Provide an enjoyable buying experience
• Support the values of the Community Please learn more about policies that will help you avoid breaking rules (including the law) and helps you in trading with reliable, trustworthy buyers and sellers. Violations of policy may result in a range of actions including:
• Listing cancellation
• Store suspension
• Limits on account privileges
• Account suspension
• Loss of Top Rated Merchant status
Note: You may contact to report violations by using the "Report" or "Contact Us" links found on most policy pages.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Following items are not allowed to be sold online at . Please note that merchants/sellers are responsible for any legal issues and other liabilities arising if you try and sell these items at . We will cancel the listing of prohibited and restricted items within 24 hours after we come to know about such occurrence.

• Adult Material (also see Mature Audiences)
• Alcohol (also see Wine)
• Animals and Wildlife Products - examples include live animals, mounted specimens, and ivory
• Artifacts
• Beta Software
• Bootleg/Pirated Recordings
• Brand Name Misuse
• Catalogue and URL Sales
• Comparison Policy
• Compilation and Informational Media
• Contact Information
• Contracts
• Copyrights
• Counterfeit Currency and Stamps
• Downloadable Media
• Drugs
• Electronic Surveillance Equipment
• Embargoed Goods and Prohibited Countries
• Event Tickets
• Firearms, Ammunition, Militaria, Weapons and Knives
• Fireworks, Explosives and Explosive Substances
• Food
• Government IDs and Licenses
• Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Items
• Human Parts and Remains
• Importation of Goods - examples include CDs that were intended only for distribution in a certain country
• Items Encouraging Illegal Activity – examples include an eBook describing how to create methamphetamine
• Mature Audiences
• Medical Devices - examples include contact lenses, pacemakers, and surgical instruments
• Misleading Titles
• Mod Chips
• Movie Prints
• OEM Software
• Offensive Material - examples include ethnically or racially offensive material
• Police, Army, Navy and Air force Related Items
• Pre-Sale Listings
• Prohibited Services
• Promotional Items
• Real Estate
• Recordable Media
• Replica and Counterfeit Items
• Ringtones
• Stocks and Other Securities
• Stolen Property
• Surveillance Equipment
• Tobacco
• Trademarks
• Travel
• Weapons & Knives
• Wine (also see Alcohol)


Keyword Spamming Policy
Keyword spamming occurs when merchants place brand names or other inappropriate keywords in a title or description for the purpose of gaining attention or diverting members to a listing. Keyword spamming in listings is not permitted on The text sellers place in listings must be directly relevant to the item being sold.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
• Product Listing cancellation
• Limits on account privileges
• Account suspension
• Loss of Top Rated Merchant status at


Links Policy
In general, when listing items on, merchants can include links that are solely intended to provide additional details about the items. That means links should only be used in circumstances when that information can't be included in the listing itself. These links include additional images, technical specifications, manufacturer warranties, and other information that can help buyers make an informed purchasing decision. Other links that point to a third-party provider's Website are also allowed, such as image hosting sites, payment processors or courier companies. doesn't allow links to non- sites or content where other items are offered for sale. continually reviews links on the site and reserves the right to block any link considered unsafe for our members. As a merchant, please make sure that your listing follows links policy of If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits your selling privileges and/or suspension of your account.


Rules about Intellectual Property is committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of third parties and to providing a safe marketplace to trade. Unauthorized use or Infringement of copyrighted material and trademarks are strictly prohibited at has zero tolerance for any intellectual property violations. Counterfeits, unauthorized replicas, unauthorized items Such as unauthorized copies (such as copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television programs, or photographs) are not permitted at Unauthorized copies include (but are not limited to) copies that are pirated, duplicated, backed-up or bootlegged. It is illegal to sell unauthorized copies of media.


If the product you are selling bears the name or logo of a company, but it wasn't made or endorsed by that company, don't list it at Academic software is software sold at significantly discounted prices to students, faculty members and educational institutions. Do not list academic copies of software At unless you are authorized to do so as an educational reseller, an educational institution a student or a faculty member.


Beta software, test software and evaluation software are not permitted at Beta, test, and evaluation copies of software are preliminary copies of software distributed by software developers strictly for the purpose of evaluation and troubleshooting.


Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
• Product Listing cancellation
• Limits on account privileges
• Account suspension
• Loss of Top Rated Merchant status at


Pricing Policy Please note that trust is the most important aspect of trade between buyers and sellers in marketplace and one of the key aspects of trust is fair pricing. For healthy transaction flow at, we ask you to price your items responsibly. Please note that we are constantly monitoring prices for each merchant at various channels and do not allow you to price your items at higher prices at vs. other channels such as your own retail store, your own Website (if any) or any other 3rd party retail stores or Websites. You should price your items sold at to be same as the lowest rate you are selling at elsewhere or even lower but it should not be more. Violation of our pricing policy will result into warning notices and can also result into account suspension and/or store suspension.


Honesty in MRP Please note the trust you build with your buyers will go away if you artificially start showing higher MRP, so that the selling price appears to be much better deal vs. what it actually is. Artificially increasing MRP is strictly prohibited at and any violation will result into account suspension.


Customer Communication Policy Sellers/merchants at are prohibited to engage in direct communication with buyers for any pre-sale, order, payments, shipping, post sale or returns related matters. Merchants are also not allowed to engage in direct or indirect marketing communication with buyers at For specific product inquiries, warranties, shipping/delivery etc., can intermediate the communication between buyer and sellers. However, sellers/merchants should not be engaged in communication with the buyers.


Violations of policy may result in a range of actions including:
• Product Listing cancellation
• Limits on account privileges
• Account suspension
• Loss of Top Rated Merchant status at


Sellandbuyonline Market Place makes it simple to list and sell your products on Currently, Sellandbuyonline is accepting registration for business sellers on our Market Place. At this time we are not open to casual or consumer sellers.


Seller Charges Presently listing your items on Sellandbuyonline is completely free of cost. Sellers only need to pay transaction service charges as and when the products are sold. There are absolutely no other hidden charges.


Transaction Service Charges Percentage  5% On All Transactions



Shipping Pricing
Initially, as Sellandbuyonline ventures into the Indian market, our customers are offered free shipping as a promotional exercise. The sellers are required to adjust the item price accordingly.


Product Pricing
The sellers listing their products in Sellandbuyonline Market Place are required to maintain the same competitive price range for all their respective products listed/sold anywhere else. Discounts, rebates or other promotional price offerings must also be available on Sellandbuyonline Market Place by the Sellandbuyonline sellers.


Returns Policy
Return Accepted:Sellandbuyonline Market Place requires its sellers to mention the number of days for Returns Accepted for all items where the seller is able to handle the return process.


Refund or Exchange:
The Sellandbuyonline Market Place Seller is required to Refund or Exchange the item to the buyer for the following reasons:
1. If the buyer has received a faulty or damaged item.
2. If the buyer has received a wrong item than what is ordered.
3. If the buyer demands a refund for items reaching him beyond the mentioned shipping time.
After the buyer has returned the faulty or damaged item, the Sellandbuyonline seller has to make sure that the refund or exchange is done within 7 working days and bearing the shipping charge.


PLEASE NOTE : Sellandbuyonline Market Place will suspend its sellers who exceed a refund rate of 5%.


Sellandbuyonline Market Place Sellers found to withhold refunds due to negative feedback or the sellers that charge buyers additionally because they have left negative feedback will be suspended and removed.


In order to comply with the customer ‘Buyer Protection’ policy, the seller is requested to follow this procedure even when ‘No Return’ is mentioned for that particular item.


Any other extra information with regards to the Returns Policy should be mentioned in the item comment while listing. Sellandbuyonline Market Place sellers are expected to ensure an affirmative buyer experience in all cases including returns.


Order Confirmation
Sellers are required to confirm shipment once they have shipped an order to a buyer. All orders must be marked as shipped within the mentioned processing time. Sellers do this from within their seller account (inside their My Account) by inputting the Shipped Quantity, Ship Date, "Tracking Number", and using the drop-down menu to select the shipping company (ie; DTDC, Blue Dart, Aramex, etc.). Tracking information is required for all orders.


If a seller doesn't confirm that they have shipped an item within the mentioned days, the order will be considered cancelled and no transaction service charges will be paid. We ask that sellers who are unable to fulfil their orders contact buyers regarding the cancellation of an order for better customer satisfaction.


Sellers on Sellandbuyonline Market Place cannot exceed a 5% cancellation rate. Sellers account will be closed if they do exceed this rate.

Shipping Options
Sellers at Sellandbuyonline Market Place are required to ship all products via a standard shipping method with a satisfactory level of service. Shipments sent via standard shipping are expected to arrive in the buyer's hands within 3-10 business days from the date of purchase.


Sellers must ship all orders in packaging that is secure enough to minimize the chance of damage during shipping. As much as is possible, the sellers are required to maintain a level of quality in packing the item in a presentable manner. Both the shipping address and the return address must be printed clearly on every package. Every package must also include the packing slip, which Sellandbuyonline includes in each order notification email. The seller is NOT required to mention any marketing material (brochures, sellers website, email ID, etc.) in relation to the sellers business activities.


Seller Payments
Sellandbuyonline Market Place payments will be released on Mondays and Thursdays of every week.


The sellers will not be paid for orders shipped until their orders are confirmed as shipped and received by the customer. Sellandbuyonline will confirm delivery by using tracking information provided by the sellers and also by confirming with the customer on random basis. If tracking does not show clear delivery, payments will be placed on hold. The seller is required to ensure that the item is delivered to the customer in a good shape and the tracking is duly updated. If, in rare cases, the delivery is not confirmed, Sellandbuyonline will release the payment automatically in 3 weeks.


The sellers are required to bear in mind that they will receive only the payment amount after the deducting the Sellandbuyonline transaction service charges.


All sellers in Sellandbuyonline Market Place are required to have a valid bank account that will accept payments. All orders marked as shipped and/or refunds made against orders during the pay period will be included in this payment.


Buyer Satisfaction
Sellandbuyonline is committed to provide buyers with the highest level of service and we protect that commitment with the Sellandbuyonline Buyer Protection, which ensures that our buyers receive their orders as promised. Sellers may be required to submit proof of shipment if a buyer makes a Guarantee claim against a seller.


Seller Feedback
Our Market Place website posts feedback from our buyers regarding their experiences with our sellers. In case of profanity in the feedback, Sellandbuyonline will edit the content. To maintain quality of service, we do not remove buyer feedback simply because it reflects negatively on your seller review score. The sellers are required to work and resolve any issues with your buyers. Any seller that provides feedback for their own account will be closed.


Marketing and Communications with Buyers
Sellandbuyonline Market Place automatically sends emails to buyers to confirm orders, shipment and cancellation/refunds as well as request buyer feedback. In an effort to keep all communication with Sellandbuyonline customers consistent, we require that all sellers remove their order confirmation, shipment confirmation, and feedback follow up emails. Sellandbuyonline Market Place will send these emails to customers in all cases. This is a requirement to remain active selling with us.


As stated Sellandbuyonline Market Place will send all shipping emails, but sellers may work directly with buyers to resolve any issues. Please review all direct emails you send to buyers and ensure that there are no links to your website or requests to visit your website in your customer service communication.


Dispute Resolution
The seller is required to follow the Sellandbuyonline Market Place Rules and Policies. Sellandbuyonline reserves the right to change the Rules and Policies over a period of time or as and when required./



When a Warranty Claim or chargeback is submitted by a buyer, the seller will be contacted by Sellandbuyonline for any relevant information regarding the warranty claim. The seller has two business days to respond to the claim with requested information. If a seller does not respond, their account will be debited for the claim. When appropriate, Sellandbuyonline will review all relevant details associated with a Warranty claim or Chargeback for both the seller and buyer involved in the claim.


Cash on Delivery (COD) Terms & Conditions
Sellandbuyonline is now introducing Cash on Delivery (COD) for its online shoppers. COD is now one of the most preferred payment methods by online shoppers in India. We would enable our sellers to offer this payment option so that they can tap the huge customer base opting for this mode of payment.


COD advantage to sellers
• Exposure to the huge online shopper base by choosing to offer COD mode of payment Offer cost effective rates
• Easy shipping and delivery management
• National coverage across specific COD Pin Codes
• Online tracking for all shipments available by our reputed courier service partners
• Sellandbuyonline will proactively co-ordinate and confirm orders with online shoppers through email and phone to minimize risk of orders being cancelled


What is the overall procedure?
• Seller has to sign up for COD service
• Only after approval, the COD option will be enabled
• Seller can then activate COD option for every or any product
• Sellandbuyonline will assist COD service by coordinating with reputed courier companies.
• The customer orders the item through COD
• Verification will be done by Sellandbuyonline for every COD order through phone and email
• Seller will contact Sellandbuyonline customer care to fix up a time for the COD courier pick-up
• Our courier partner representative picks up the item from you at the fixed time
• The item will be delivered to the address mentioned on the item package
• The customer makes payment in Cash on receiving the item
• You receive the payment from Sellandbuyonline on the next assigned payment date


What are the charges?
• Sellandbuyonline will charge the seller Rs.75/- per kg for an item to be shipped.
• These charges include the cash handling / management charges, as well as the courier charges of shipping the item
• The seller does not have to pay anything to the courier representative during pick-up of the item


What Sellandbuyonline expects from you as a seller?
• Good tamper proof packaging and documentation marking the package as COD prominently
• Seller should clearly communicate and complete all necessary documentation with the Courier Company to facilitate the COD order. Sellandbuyonline will not be responsible if the courier company fails to collect money from the customer due to improper documentation with the courier company.
• Please note the destination address should be the customers address
• Sellers should ensure to fix time for pick up within 48 hours of placing the order
• Co-operation with the Courier Company representative
• Follow up with Courier Company using tracking functions to confirm delivery


Our Courier partners
• Currently Sellandbuyonline has partnered with courier companies like Aramex, Blue Dart and DTDC to carry out the COD function
• Sellandbuyonline will allocate a courier company for a pick-up and delivery based on various parameters like pincode serviceability


• In case a customer has refused to pay the cash or wants to cancel the order, the courier representative will safely return the item back to the seller
• However, such will be rare cases, because Sellandbuyonline will ensure verification of COD transaction with the customer and only then process the order.


Claims and Disputes • In the case of any claim or issues against the courier companies, sellers should contact the courier companies for the same.
• Only in rare and necessary cases, Sellandbuyonline will try to resolve disputes between the seller and our courier partner.
Please note that all other presented rules & policies apply to COD as well.